Using the Origenes Maps with Autosomal DNA test results

The surnames of North Antrim and Renfrewshire

An Autosomal DNA test (like FTDNA's Family Finder,, 23andMe, MyHeritage) explores all your ancestral lines over the last 200 years. About 40% of your autosomal genetic relatives reveal ancestral surnames and locations that reflect those that arose among your various ancestral lines living in specific parts of Ireland and Scotland. At Irish and Scottish Origenes we can examine the information revealed by your genetic relatives and identify specific ancestral DNA hotspots, we can then link each DNA revealed location with a specific ancestral surname.

For example, analysis at Irish Origenes revealed an Autosomal DNA hotspot centered upon the Scots-Irish Plantation community of North Antrim (pictured, top panel). An examination of the surrounding Plantation community reveals that the test subject's 'Neill' ancestors originated from the farmland of Renfrewshire in West Central Scotland (pictured, bottom panel) prior to settling in North Antrim in Ireland in around 1600AD.

At Irish and Scottish Origenes we will identify DNA hotspots from your commercial autosomal DNA test results, which we can then link with your ancestral surnames. What will your DNA reveal? Contact Origenes Maps for a FREE CONSULTATION on your DNA results or to find out about a suitable DNA test (click here)