Using the Origenes Maps with mtDNA results

The surnames and clans of Lanarkshire

A simple painless commercial ancestral mtDNA test explores your direct female line (mothers, mothers, mother etc...). Anyone you match upon mtDNA testing will share a maternal ancestor with you. The Origenes maps can be used to link your direct female ancestor to a specific location within Ireland or Scotland!

For example, full Sequence mtDNA testing revealed that Mrs. Magee  carried the K1b2b Haplogroup which is common throughout Western Europe. However, an examination of her closest maternal genetic relatives revealed ancestral surnames (yellow arrows) and locations (red arrows) which all led back to the area surrounding Kirkintilloch in Lanarkshire in South Central Scotland. It is in Kirkintillock that Mrs. Magee's direct maternal ancestral papertrail will link back to! 

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