Using the Origenes Maps with Y-DNA test results

Surnames of Tyrone and Fermanagh borderlands

A simple painless commercial ancestral Y-DNA test only explores one's paternal line (fathers, fathers, father, etc..). With the results of a Y-DNA test one will match males with whom one shares a common male ancestor. BUT! The surnames of your Y-DNA revealed genetic relatives will often differ from yours. That is because the surnames revealed among one's Y-DNA genetic relatives are a snapshot of those that arose among a tribal group of related males living in a specific location. Those Y-DNA revealed surnames will ultimately lead back to one's 'paternal ancestral genetic homeland.' Literally where one's direct male ancestor lived when surnames first appeared.

Y-DNA revealed surnames (colored arrows, accompanying image) for Mr. McWilliams link his paternal McWilliams ancestors (black arrow) to the village of Seskinore near the borderlands of Counties Tyrone and Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.

At Irish and Scottish Origenes we will explore the surnames revealed in your Y-DNA test results and link them back to your paternal ancestral genetic homeland!  What will your DNA reveal? Contact Origenes Maps for a FREE CONSULTATION or to find out about a suitable DNA test (click here).